Could Nick Saban Return as Alabama's Head Coach?

Could Nick Saban Return as Alabama's Head Coach?

[]  –There is speculation that Nick Saban might one day return as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. While it is uncommon, there have been instances of coaches coming out of retirement to return to the college game.

During his 17 years in Tuscaloosa, Saban led the Alabama Crimson Tide to seven national championships, building upon the legacy started by Bear Bryant and others. Given his unparalleled success, Alabama would likely consider asking Saban to return if another head coaching position opens up.

        Scenarios for Saban's Return

1. Kalen DeBoer Leaves for Another Opportunity


   Current head coach Kalen DeBoer has only been with Alabama for a few months but has already made a strong impact. His 2025 recruiting class is ranked second in the country according to On3. If DeBoer performs well, he could attract attention from the NFL or other college programs, potentially leading to his departure. In this scenario, Alabama might reach out to Saban to fill the vacancy.

2. Kalen DeBoer Gets Fired

   On the flip side, if DeBoer fails to meet expectations and is let go, Alabama would need a replacement. If the team's performance suffers, the university might be more inclined to approach Saban for a comeback. However, if the team is performing well, they might look for another promising coach instead.

     Saban's Current Role

Saban is currently an Advisor to the football program at Alabama, earning $500,000 per year. His decision to stay involved in a lesser role suggests he still has some desire to be part of the program. This situation is reminiscent of Kansas State's Bill Snyder, who returned to coaching after retiring and successfully revived the program.

     Bill Snyder's Example

Bill Snyder's overall record at Kansas State was 215-117. He coached from 1989-2005, retiring after seven seasons with ten or more wins. After the team struggled under Ron Prince from 2006-2008, Snyder returned, leading the Wildcats to further success before retiring again in 2018. His rebuild paved the way for current coach Chris Klieman, who has maintained the program's success.

If Alabama finds itself in desperate need of a coach, they might follow Kansas State's example and bring Saban back. The saying "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" might come into play if the university desires Saban to return in a greater capacity than his current advisory role.