Alabama to Build $30 Million EV Tech Workforce Training Hub

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Announced Facility Located on AIDT Campus

Alabama to Build $30 Million EV Tech Workforce Training Hub

A new $30 million workforce training center dedicated to electric vehicle (EV) technology will be constructed in Decatur, Alabama. Governor Kay Ivey announced the project on November 27. The facility will be part of the Alabama Robotics Technology Park, which is a $73 million training center managed by Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT).

AIDT Director Ed Castile mentioned that the center could cover up to 40,000 square feet within Robotics Park and is expected to be operational within 18 to 24 months.

The design of the new center, by Goodwyn Mills Cawood, will allow for future expansion and reconfiguration to adapt to evolving demands.

“Alabama is already recognized as a leader in workforce development, and this EV-focused training center will significantly enhance our capabilities,” Governor Ivey stated. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to strengthening Alabama's role in the global auto industry.”

Castile, who also serves as a deputy secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce, emphasized the center's role in preparing the state’s automotive workforce for the shift to electric powertrains. “We aim to ensure our workforce thrives in this new environment, making this an extension of our efforts at Robotics Park,” he said.

The Alabama Legislature approved funding for the center in its last session, thanks to a bill sponsored by State Senator Arthur Orr.

AIDT and the Alabama Commerce Department are developing training programs for the new center, informed by insights from visits to EV battery factories in Japan and Europe. An auto industry technical committee is also providing support.

Collaborative efforts for the new training center include the Alabama Mobility and Power Center at the University of Alabama, the Alabama Community College System, and the state’s K-12 school system.

Greg Canfield, Alabama Commerce Secretary, highlighted the importance of adapting to technological disruptions in the auto industry. “We must be ready to help Alabama’s autoworkers navigate the industry’s evolving landscape,” he said.

Notably, Mercedes-Benz has invested over $1 billion in its Alabama operations for EV and battery production, and Hyundai introduced its first electric vehicle from the state earlier this year.