Music and Bloódy Màyhem on Alabama Gulf Shores

Chaos and Danger Erupt at 2024 Hangout Fest: Dozens Arrested, Felony Charges Filed

Music and Bloódy Màyhem on Alabama Gulf Shores

{TheChronicle} –lf Shores descended into chaos as thousands swarmed the town for the three-day Hangout Music Festival, an event that quickly turned perilous for many attendees.

Throughout the weekend, Gulf Shores police and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) grappled with a surge in criminal activity. The most frequent charge was possession of a controlled substance, resulting in a staggering 78 arrests, 68 of those by the BCSO. The festival saw a disturbing number of arrests for possession of marijuana and public intoxication, both tallying 12 arrests each.

The grim scene escalated further with reports of at least one person being raped and another allegedly stabbed, adding a harrowing layer to the weekend’s turmoil.

In total, Gulf Shores police were responsible for 19 arrests, while Baldwin County accounted for a staggering 75. Out of the total arrests, 66 were felonies, highlighting the severe nature of the offenses. Males accounted for 59.6% of those detained.

The exhaustive list of charges for the event paints a dire picture:

- Possession of a controlled substance: 78

- Possession of marijuana: 12

- Public intoxication: 12

- Possessing a forged instrument: 4

- Possession of drug paraphernalia: 4

- Disorderly conduct: 4

- Underage possession of alcohol: 4

- Distribution of a controlled substance: 3

- Criminal trespassing: 2

- Attempting to elude a law enforcement officer: 2

- Doing business without a license: 2

- Resisting arrest: 1

- Arrest on a warrant: 1

- Tampering with physical evidence: 1

- Prohibited operation of an unmanned aircraft system: 1

These figures represent a shocking 45.8% of the number arrested in Gulf Shores during spring break, underscoring the dangerous escalation of criminal activity at the Hangout Fest. As the dust settles, the community is left to grapple with the aftermath of a weekend marred by violence and lawlessness.