Alabama Fashion Designer Dressing America, Sometimes in Drag

Shamar Houston Making Waves Nationwide

Alabama Fashion Designer Dressing America, Sometimes in Drag

ROANOKE, Ala. ( – Shamar Houston, a young designer from Alabama, has been spreading joy with his exquisite dress designs, not just for prom but also for significant events like birthdays, galas, weddings, and graduations.

Despite facing personal challenges this season, Houston has continued to create stunning designs that make people feel beautiful. The 29-year-old Roanoke native is considered a fashion design prodigy.

“No, I didn’t go to school; the only real training I have is from an 8th-grade sewing class,” Houston said.

Houston's journey into fashion design began out of boredom with store-bought clothes, which led him to learn how to make his own. This hobby evolved into designing dresses. Over the past four years, his business, Legend Couture, has helped individuals stand out at various events across Georgia, East Alabama, and beyond.

Houston takes his clients’ ideas and transforms them into beautiful pieces of wearable art, all without formal training, sketches, and with a quick turnaround. 

“The gold dress took two weeks because I was going from one dress to the other,” Houston explained.

This spring has been particularly challenging for Houston. He has dealt with a family tragedy, including a serious car accident that injured his cousin Zehkylah and claimed the life of her boyfriend Terrance. Additionally, he lost his great-grandmother, who had taught him some sewing tips. 

“This May makes a week year we had her funeral,” Houston shared. “That’s been difficult to cope with during prom season.”

Despite these hardships, Houston’s business is thriving and gaining viral attention online. He even designed his great-grandmother’s final dress, which made his family proud.

“I am very proud of him,” said Houston’s grandmother and assistant Linda Owensby. “I think he does fantastic work. He spends so much time doing them.”

Houston has also moved into a new studio space through Roanoke’s Bridging The Gap Community Service Program, providing him with more room to work and meet clients.

While prom season has been mentally challenging, Houston finds it rewarding. “Prom, wedding, whatever it is that I’m doing, those are really special moments,” he said. “To know I was part of that, to boost someone’s confidence, and to make them feel beautiful—that’s what does it for me.”

Houston’s designs are in demand nationwide, and he draws inspiration from his late loved ones, always putting family first.