Alabaster Woman Revolutionize the Wedding Industry

Alabama females are the true "I DO's"

Alabaster Woman Revolutionize the Wedding Industry

[TheChronicle Fashion] –Heather Benge, originally from Alabaster, Alabama, has transformed her passion for weddings into a nationwide phenomenon.

Benge, who now resides in Houston, launched a project called Styled Shoots Across America, which has made a significant impact in the wedding industry.

"I grew up in Alabaster and became a wedding planner, but now I live in Houston," Benge said. "My goal was to design inspiring wedding shoots that highlight current trends and generate new design ideas for couples across the U.S. Initially, I had no specific timeline for this project and didn't anticipate it becoming more than a fun endeavor."

In just 18 months, Benge has created an online community with nearly 20,000 members and has organized over 65 shoots in 36 states. In 2023 alone, she collaborated with more than 1,300 wedding professionals.