Oreo Unveils a New Flavor Inspired by Ice Cream

Oreo Unveils a New Flavor Inspired by Ice Cream

Oreo has launched a new limited-edition flavor, drawing inspiration from a beloved ice cream variety.

Introducing Mint Chip Oreos, a fresh twist on the classic mint chocolate chip ice cream. This new flavor features two traditional chocolate cookies, mint chip-flavored cream, and tiny chocolate chips, according to People. These cookies are now available in stores nationwide as of July 8.

Taste Experience of Mint Chip Oreos:

Alexandra Foster of The Kitchn offers a glowing review of Mint Chip Oreos, calling them “stunning.”

“The vibrant filling is encased by the familiar wafer cookies, but with a charming twist. Embracing the ice cream theme, one wafer is adorned with a crisscross pattern reminiscent of an ice cream cone, a delightful detail I truly appreciated. Upon opening the packet, a minty aroma immediately greeted me,” Foster describes. “The flavor was sweet with a refreshing mint essence. The chocolate bits were more like small, crunchy flecks that added texture rather than the chips you might expect in ice cream.”

Other Limited-Edition Oreo Flavors:

Back in May, Oreo introduced a flavor inspired by Sour Patch Kids candy. Joseph Lamour, a food writer for TODAY.com, compares these cookies to fruity cereal.

“They capture the essence of Sour Patch Kids without being overly sour, and the experience of eating them is a unique twist on enjoying the gummy candy,” Lamour notes.