New Alabama Laws Effective This Summer

New Alabama Laws Effective This Summer

[] –This summer brings several legislative changes across Alabama. Here is a list of new amendments, acts, and changes coming to the state:

                                      Hands-Free Driving

Drivers can be fined for using a phone while driving if pulled over for another offense.

                               Funding for Veteran Health

The Alabama Department of Mental Health is collaborating with the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs to create a plan addressing behavioral health needs and securing funding for veterans.

               Removing Unauthorized People from Property

A new act provides a method and procedure for homeowners and law enforcement agencies to remove unauthorized individuals from dwellings. According to lawmakers, the individual must have entered and remained unlawfully in the building.

                       Town of Hayden, Blount County

The borders of the town of Hayden are being extended, altered, and rearranged.

                                 School Curriculums

Public K-12 schools must post their curriculums on school websites, allowing parents and guardians to review educational materials.

                  Department of Corrections Facilities

Flying unmanned drones over correctional facilities is now illegal.

        University of Alabama Law Enforcement Officers

This act expands the authority of law enforcement officers at the University of Alabama and enhances communication resources between agencies.

                         Public Education Employees

Principals are now authorized to suspend, expel, or recommend expulsion for students. Teachers can exclude students from classrooms in specific situations. Education employees will receive civil and criminal immunity related to job performance, and local boards of education can reimburse employees for certain legal fees.

                                  Loss of Benefits

School employees convicted of certain sex offenses involving a student or minor will lose their retirement benefits.

                            Ready for First Grade

A child must demonstrate readiness for first grade by passing a test or completing kindergarten.