Mobile Rapper Flo Milli Wears Ass-Whíppíng Like a Champ

Physical Altercation for 24-year-old rapper Flo Milli While currently on tour supporting Gunna.

Mobile Rapper Flo Milli Wears Ass-Whíppíng Like a Champ

{} –Flo Milli abruptly left the stage after a concertgoer threw an object at her, only to then get beaten up during a scuffle with a tour associate back stage The 24-year-old rapper is currently on tour with Gunna, serving as the opening act for The Bittersweet Tour. The trek kicked off on Saturday in Columbus, Ohio at the Schottenstein Center.

Unfortunately, the tour had an unfortunate start when Flo Milli took the stage, as objects kept flying at the young star during her set. From the footage circulating on social media, it’s not clear what was thrown.

“Hold on, stop the show,” Flo is heard saying in a video of the incident. “B*tch, who you throwing sh*t at?” From there, it seems as if someone in the floor section of the arena owned up to their action and an inaudible interaction happens between them and Flo.

In a separate clip, Flo Milli is seen walking away from the stage and says, “Bitch, when I fucking catch you, ho. I swear to fucking God.” A microphone thump is heard in the video as she exits.

The "Never Lose Me" rapper, or likely someone in her camp, later responded to the incident on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Sunday, writing, “& for the hoes tryna be funny ..they weren’t throwing shit outta spite ! they wanted me to sign their stuff.”

“but im from mobile so i take everything as a threat lol,” she added. “i come to the pit and show love to the crowd every show ???? lets have a good day today.”

Soon after leaving the stage, however, we learned that Flo Milli got into a physical altercation backstage with a female assistant to Gunna's road manager. The fight stemmed from a disagreement earlier between the two camps. The assistant allegedly slapped and punched Flo Milli, who retaliated by scratching at the assistant after receiving a bloody nose.

"Flo nose started bleeding and she had kinda like a little knot on the side of her eye almost," the source disclosed. "They closed ranks real quick after that."

According to some actually there, the road manager's assistant voluntarily removed herself while the inner circles of both artists saw to Flo Milli, who ultimately continued on the tour's next leg.

"No one wants to blow this, not Gonna, who's had all kinds of personal issues, and definitely not Flo Milli, who, let's face it, nobody really even knows," explained another person familiar with the two.

Later, Ari Lennox and others showed support to Flo Milli following the recorded incident of aggressive fans throwing things during performances, clearly unaware of what went on subsequently behind the scenes.

Not wanting to let on that anything was wrong, Gunna himself chimed in on the matter via X, writing, “No disrespect in any form @_FloMilli will be tolerated on tour . family ties”

It’s unclear if the assistant is still employed by road manager or in association with Gunna after she left. According sources, both rappers are determined to finish the tour.